Uncover Downtown Mebane

Downtown Mebane offers many great options for dining and entertainment, as well as shopping. Whatever cuisine or entertainment you’re into it, we have something for you.

Many local businesses are members of our organization. Any company within the confines of the historic downtown business district of Mebane can become a member.

Visit the websites of many of the local businesses in our downtown area. You’ll have access to their hours of operation and more, as well as detailed information about each one.

Get involved with our organization and promote the downtown business district of Mebane, North Carolina.

About Destination Downtown Mebane Inc.

Get information on the latest events and attractions going on in historic downtown Mebane. Destination Downtown Mebane Inc.┬áis a membership organization for small businesses in Mebane, North Carolina. For more than 20 years, we have aimed to keep locals updated about the latest happenings in our beloved city. Whether you’re looking for news about an upcoming event or want to check out some of the many restaurants and bars in our area, we are your main source for everything Mebane-related.